• Trade Mark Searching
  • Consultation on Registration Probability, Strategy and Availability of Trade Mark
  • Prosecuting Trade Mark Application
  • Preparing and Applying for Recording of Trade Mark Assignment and License Agreement
  • Trade Mark Safeguarding Supervision
  • Preparing and Handling Opposition Proceedings
  • Advice on Maintenance of Registration of Trade Mark
  • Opinion on Trade Mark Infringements, Defense, Avoidance and Passing Off Actions
  • Register Trade Marks as Domain Names and Related Issues

We assure that proper safeguards on our clients 'trade secrets' and confidential information are put into place. As members of international organizations and Intellectual Property associate networks we are knowledgeable about different national laws regarding enforceability of confidentiality agreements.

  • Patent Searching
  • Consultation on Patent Probability
  • Technical Review & Drafting Patent Specifications
  • Preparing and Prosecuting Patent Applications
  • Consultation on Patent Assignments Licensing Exploitation
  • Advice on Maintenance of Patent Registration
  • Opinion on Patent Infringements & Defenses
  • Design Searching
  • Consultations & Advice on Registered Design Applications
  • Preparing Drawings and Photography for Filing of Design Applications
  • Preparing and Prosecuting Registered Design Applications
  • Opinion on Design and Copyright Infringement
  • Advice on Maintenance of Registered Design
  • Advice on Registered Design Assignment, Licensing and Exploitation

Our Intellectual Property associates assist clients to identify valuable copyrightable assets and secure appropriate copyright protection. Our staff is skilled in counseling of infringement avoidance and installing proper safeguards for the avoidance of copyright infringement liability.


We offer strategic advice to help clients avoid IP infringement litigation and take sensible position to negotiate an early settlement deal if at all possible. We seek to achieve these objectives by maintaining a skilled team of associated legal attorneys, which overall is the basis for our success in effective client counseling. However, when litigation is the only recourse this team can marshal to combine their unique talents and experience to seek an effective strategy towards a successful solution.