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Being an international IP agency, we are familiar with the multinational issues and cultural concerns to which clients are facing. We are seriously involved in the intellectual property developments in Asia, having witnessed China's intellectual property evolution and her entry into the World Trade Organization. We are pleased to offer our insights and expertise to clients. Our strategic location in Hong Kong, "The Gateway City to China and Asia", coupled with our global associate network and affiliate offices, enables us to be the provider of the preferred solution for those who are seeking intellectual property representations in our hemisphere.


Throughout our firm's history, we have represented not only clients from over two hundred countries and regions in the areas of Computer Technology, Artistic Creations, Physics, Engineering, Mechanical Devices, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Material Sciences, but also hundreds of the worldwide famous companies and advanced organizations in obtaining Patent and Trademark Registrations. It is our conviction that we have made significant efforts in the field of intellectual property by offering professional services to clients for protection of their IP assets and moving to higher level of competitiveness.


Our experience, dedication and determination to be the leader in the industry, and of facilitating clients in achieving their goals and successes, mean clients can be confident of receiving positive results, confident that Wenping Hong Kong will secure, protect, enforce and foster their intellectual property rights with clarity and efficiency. Having over half a century of experience is a tremendous advantage, our wealth of experience and expertise enables us to act swiftly and cost effectively while providing the best possible representation for clients.


As you continue exploring our web site, we hope the information herein demonstrates that we possess what you consider to be the essential qualities of an Intellectual Property representative, as the depth of our expertise, commitment, and professional standing, as well as the effectiveness and cost efficiency of our services, all of which are what Wenping Hong Kong. has accredited to its success for over half a century. We encourage you to contact us for any additional information relating to your intellectual property-rights.