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01 September 2018
Provisional Patent Application — Some Tips You Should Know

A provisional patent application is a special type of application for patent available in the US, Australia, India and some European countries such as the UK. A provisional application can be a useful tool for applicants to manipulate certain patenting strategies for their inventions, provided that it has been used in an appropriate way. US provisional patent applications, which have been widely used since its introduction in 1995, will be taken to discuss some basic concepts of a provisional patent application.

01 February 2018
Patent Protections in China – Make a Wise Decision for Your Products

There are three types of patent rights in China, namely invention patent, utility model and design patent. Choosing the right type of patent is crucial in order to obtain a valid protection for inventions or designs. This article will give you a brief introduction on the three types of patents with our general advice on how to select a suitable type of patent rights in China.


01 October 2017
What is Inventorship and its Importance?

Inventorship is one of the key elements for a valid patent. A list of true inventors should be provided when filing a patent application. Otherwise, the patent application will likely be considered defective.

01 December 2016
What would Brexit Means in Terms of Obtaining Patent Protection in Europe?

Amongst the numerous economic questions arose from the Brexit referendum, intellectual property rights is one of the most discussed topics where businesses are uncertain about what specific impact would have on the process of obtaining intellectual protection, particularly patents, in the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union.

01 December 2016
Trade Mark Application in China

For some people, filing an application for registration of trade mark in China may not be an easy task.


First of all, for filing purpose, a power of attorney duly signed by the Applicant along with a copy of identity/business proof signed by the same signatory are required. On many occasions, applicants have used the old version of power of attorney or out of date version of business proof. These would not be accepted by the Chinese Trade Marks Office.